About us



Founded in 1990 by A. Kadir Kurtul in Kahramanmaras, ISKUR has gained a respectful stature in textile and energy production in industry and marketing sectors in a short period of time becoming one of Turkey’s largest 500 companies while still strengthening itself every day at local, regional and global scales.

Beginning operations in the production of “cotton”, “cotton gin” and “cottonseed oil”, today ISKUR- fully integrated itself in the textile sector performing as one of the largest manufacturers in Turkey. ISKUR has also been a major player in other sectors of operations, providing services in many destinations at home and abroad with its thousands of employees.

Since its foundation, ISKUR has been growing rapidly, increasing its capacity and expanding its sales network. Today, ISKUR operates in many different sectors. Attracting attention with its large customer network and high quality, ISKUR exports to over 30 countries on 4 continents.

Exporting more than 75 percentage of its products abroad, ISKUR has been gaining export awards in various platforms with the marketing company, and has entered to the list of “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises" with the production company.

As a family owned company, ISKUR has a tradition of institutional and productive knowledge passed down from generation to generation. ISKUR has embraced a conciliatory, solution-seeking and people-oriented understanding of management. Furthermore, at ISKUR, family tradition is fused with globally accepted understandings of production and management.

ISKUR has adopted a production concept that is globally dominant in its operation sectors, and has a perfectionist approach before and after the sales in markets where it provides services.

In addition to its corporate culture based on production quality and efficiency, ISKUR undertakes an important mission to bring more support to social responsibility projects. ISKUR has become an exemplary group with health and education services it has opened, donations and sponsorships it has made. Alongside contributing to the welfare improvement of the local community with various social responsibility strategies, ISKUR has always been acknowledging the importance of social and cultural development in parallel with the economic development.

In a short period of time, ISKUR has achieved to become a leading group in production sector in Turkey. Operating as a large family with its employees, customers, suppliers and with its social network, ISKUR will continue to make a name with its new projects, investment objectives and growth targets on local and global scales.