Message From The President


Starting its operations in cotton and cotton gin trade in 1990, ISKUR today stands on strong steps with its initial enthusiasm and conviction, operating in all domains of textile sector, from spinning to knitting, from dyeing to garment industry, as well as in agriculture, energy, automotive and plastics industry.

Since the day we took the flag over as the second generation, our aim has always been offering the best quality in best conditions. We have full faith that the next generation who will take over the flag after us, will also embrace the fact that quality is an ISKUR tradition.

As the ISKUR family, while living the joy of achieving the past goals over the years, we continue to work tirelessly and with determination towards our new goals and objectives.

Becoming a fully integrated facility in the textile sector and being among the few companies in Turkey in yarn – fabric production, alongside with its investments in other sectors of operation, ISKUR has become a major power in the region. Goods we produce with our love and labor, represent the name and quality of ISKUR in the best way across 4 continents and over 30 countries.

Always considering inside and outside customer satisfaction, ISKUR on one hand upgrades the welfare of its employees, suppliers and customers; on the other hand prioritizes the interests of the community with projects that it fulfills within the framework of social responsibility.

Growing emphatically and pragmatically, each member of ISKUR family is extremely valuable for us. We are aware that our most important capital is the intellectual capital and our most obvious source open to development is the people.

ISKUR companies will continue to play a guiding role in all sectors it operates both with its quality and people-oriented management approach. We have no doubt that the next generations will act and carry the flag forward in the same consciousness.

I would like to thank our devoted employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.

A. Kadir Kurtul
Chairman of the Board