Energy investments within the ISKUR, has a great significance for the development of national and regional economy, providing a major contribution to the energy industry.

Being among the leading companies in the energy sector, ISKUR’s investment policies are implemented with the principle of “Respecting nature and environment is respecting people.”


ISKUR’s newest investments in the field of energy production are the solar energy productions. Solar energy investments are growing rapidly within the group, contributing to the development of the region and adding value to the national economy.


Being a member of AKEDAS who distributes electricity to more than 550 thousand subscribers in Kahramanmaras and Adıyaman, ISKUR owns a powerhouse in electric power generation to meet its own energy needs.

Launching its first HES project with the name “Süleymanlı HES” in 2000, ISKUR has now become a major energy producer with the investment of its subsidiaries.


As in all areas of renewable energy, ISKUR continues to undertake important investments including the field of wind energy. In addition to energy projects implemented in its own facilities, ISKUR has also become an important regional actor in this area with its windmills.