ISKUR, has been rapidly increasing its production and marketing powers ever since starting its operation in apparel industry in 2007.

Our apparel business, which is at the “final stage” of textile integration, on the one hand been a reliable supplier of well-known brands around the world; on the other hand has been advancing rapidly to create its own brand at national and international markets.

With each new season creations, ISKUR follows the final steps of fashion, trying new designs to create its own apparel industry production brand name and attracts attention with examples of “knitted underwear” and “underwear” in adults and children groups.


Providing fully integrated services in the textile industry, İskur has a full capacity to manufacture all kinds of fiber, yarn, knitted and woven fabric dyeing and finishing processes in its own dye house facility.

Dye and Dye finishing’s are carried out carefully and sensitively with respect to environment, nature and human health as well as disposals.

Attracting attention with state of the art machine parks, the facilities assure healthy, high quality and reliable productions with educated skilled employees and with laboratories where high fastness values are measured.


As in all areas of textile, ISKUR has become a leading company in denim production over a short period of time. ISKUR attracts attention with its state of the art machine parks and technical information on denim fabric production.

ISKUR Denim makes a difference in the sector by using senior yarns, high quality dyes and chemicals, modern washing techniques and tailor-made collections.


One of the most important branch of integration in the textile industry is the knitted fabric. Most commonly used in sports apparel, knitted fabrics have a great importance in the Turkish apparel industry exports.

Coming to a point meeting different demands and owning modern businesses converting high quality yarns to fabric, ISKUR has a machinery park equipped with the latest technology.

ISKUR processes its knitted fabric productions in its own pain finishing facilities. ISKUR is an important exporter in Turkey with its sales to more than 30 countries in 4 continents.


By adding the woven fabric production facilities to its investments in 2009, ISKUR has acquired a much stronger position.

In ISKUR’s modern weaving mill equipped with the latest technology, the processing of cotton to woven fabric is achieved at a high quality.


ISKUR has a giant production complex with its ring and open end and vortex yarn production facilities.

In ISKUR’s yarn facilities, all kinds of cotton and man-made synthetic fibers are processed; knitting and weaving torsions in a wide range of numbers can produce flat, shantung, Lycra, or ecru mélange yarns.